Z-Line Pleated Series HVGT Gas Turbine Filters 

The Glasfloss Z-Line HVGT pleated filter series is specifically designed as a pre-filter for GE-AEP "Guard Filter" door systems in gas turbine engine applications.  The HVGT Series is also an excellent choice for centrifugal compressor and other high velocity applications.  The HVGT Series features double-wall construction and a high wet strength, extra heavy-duty beverage board frame for maximum durability in demanding applications.  The HVGT Series achieves MERV 8 and offers excellent dust-holding capacity with low initial pressure drop.  For pricing, please contact your local Glasfloss Representative.

  • Achieves MERV 8
  • 100% Synthetic Media
  • Extra Heavy-Duty Beverage Board Frame Construction
Z-Line Series HVGT Gas Turbine Filters
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