Quad and Cube Filters

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  • The Glasfloss line of polyester bag filters offers medium efficiency in a wide range of applications.┬á The rigid, self-seal design of these filters helps prevent air bypass and allows the filters to operate under adverse conditions, especially where high humidity is present.┬á The Glasfloss Quad 440 features a two-stage 100% non-woven polyester media for maximum efficiency and service life.┬á The┬á open fibers on the intake layer catch the larger particles allowing the finer particles to be caught by the dense outflow layer.┬á The Glasfloss Quad 420 is less restrictive to airflow and performs well in moderate dust loading applications.┬á Glasfloss Cube Filters feature the same two-stage polyester media found in the Quad 440 and are available in regular, internal supported and unitized construction.┬á Glasfloss Quad & Cube Filters perform well in both variable and constant volume systems.

  • Quad 440 & 420 extended surface air filters shall be manufactured of 100% non-woven polyester.┬á The air entering side shall be a highly lofted, coarse fiber, designed to facilitate the depth loading of dirt particles, thus acting as an integral prefilter for the more dense second stage.┬á The air leaving side shall incorporate a skin backing.┬á The filter shall be manufactured to fit existing hardware and shall retain rigidity under varying air volumes.┬á The outer and center edges of the individual┬á pockets shall be thermally sealed. ┬áThe pockets are sewn together and supported by a heavy-duty cross wire, which insures maximum rigidity and eliminates the possibility of element detachment.┬á There shall be sufficient media overlap to ensure a positive seal between the filter and holding frame, eliminating the possibility of air bypass and the need for supplemental gasketing.┬á All filters shall incorporate media that is Class 2 under U.L. std. 900.┬á The Quad 440 shall achieve a MERV 7 rating when tested in accordance with the ANSI/ASHRAE 52.2 Test Standard.