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  • The Glasfloss Z-Line Series MR-13 pleated air filter features the latest in media technology to achieve MERV 13 while maintaining low pressure drop and good service life.  The new Z-Line Series MR-13 pleat is optimized for “LEED” compliance in new and existing buildings as well as providing a cost-effective upgrade from lower efficiency pleated filters for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.  The Z-Line Series MR-13 pleat is available in many standard face dimensions in 1”, 2″ and 4″ depths.

  • The Glasfloss Z-Line Series MR-13 air filter shall be of the extended-surface pleated-media type.  The media incorporates 100% synthetic fibers that are electrostatically charged.  The filter fibers are thermally bonded and manufactured in an engineered gradient structure.  An expanded metal reinforcement shall be laminated to the air-exit side of the media by a thermo-setting adhesive to maintain continuity of the radial pleats.  The expanded metal shall be galvanized to resist rust and corrosion.  The media shall be pleated in a tapered radial configuration.  The pleated cartridge shall be bonded to the peripheral interior of the outer frame.  A heavy-duty moisture-resistant beverage board shall be utilized for an encasing frame.  The frame shall be internally laminated to the pleated cartridge apexes.  Z-Line MR-13 Series  filters shall be rated Class 2 under U.L. std. 900.  Z-Line MR-13 filters shall be rated to withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.  Z-Line MR-13 Series filters  shall be rated MERV 13 when tested in accordance with the ANSI/ASHRAE  52.2 Test Standard.