The Glasfloss Z-Line Series HVXM and MR11XM pleated filters offer superior integrity construction for higher velocity applications. The Z-Line Series HVXM and MR11XM incorporate 100% synthetic media that will not absorb moisture and will not support microbial growth. The extra heavy-duty galvanized expanded metal which incorporates approximately 75% more support provides robust performance under higher air velocity applications. The Glasfloss Z-Line Series HVXM shall achieve a MERV 10 rating and MR11XM shall achieve a MERV 11 rating per the ANSI/ASHRAE 52.2 Test Standard.

Product Specifications

Glasfloss Z-Line Series HVXM and MR11XM air filters shall be of the extended-surface pleated-media type. The media utilized shall be made of 100% synthetic fibers. The media shall be pleated in a tapered radial configuration. An extra heavy duty, recycled expanded metal reinforcement shall be laminated to the air-exit side of the media by a thermo-setting adhesive to maintain continuity of the radial pleats. The expanded metal shall be galvanized to resist rust and corrosion. The pleated cartridge shall be bonded to the peripheral interior of the outer frame. A heavy-duty moisture-resistant beverage board incorporating post-consumer material shall be utilized for an encasing frame. The frame face shall be internally laminated to the pleated cartridge apexes. Glasfloss Z-Line Series HVXM and MR11XM filters shall be classified under U.L. std. 900 and shall be rated to withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.