Magna GT (Gas Turbine Series)

Glasfloss Magna GT are designed for gas turbine engines, centrifugal compressor and other high velocity applications. Produced in 6” or 12” depths metal frame in single or double header designs. Available in MERV 11 & 14 performance.

Product Specifications

The Glasfloss Magna GT frame shall be made of a 26 gauge galvanized metal. A 26 gauge galvanized steel header shall be used on the metal frame. The media shall be constructed of a water resistant, inorganic glass microfiber. For quality assurance, the glass microfiber media rolls are randomly tested and certified to meet minimum efficiency requirements by the media manufacturer. The media pack shall consist of a continuous sheet of the pleated glass microfiber. The pleated media pack is separated with multiple rolled edge corrugated aluminum separators. The media cartridge shall be sealed at the air entering, center and air leaving sides with a sealant that bonds the media and separators to the interior of the frame filter. A 1/4″ neoprene thick gasket shall be applied on the filter. An expanded metal face guard is installed on the air entering and air leaving sides of the frame to insure filter integrity and increase rigidity. The expanded metal shall be galvanized to resist rust and corrosion. The filter shall be rated to withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. The filters shall be rated U.L. Classified and withstand up to 11 in. w.g. in an “Air Filter Breaching Test.”