Z-Pak Series “GT”

Glasfloss Z-Pak “GT” filters are designed to withstand the rigors of a gas turbine engine, centrifugal compressor and other high velocity applications.

Product Specifications

The Glasfloss Z-Pak GT Series frame shall be a rigid construction of 26 gauge galvanized steel. The media shall be a high density, 100% synthetic fiber. The filter media pack shall be constructed by pleating a continuous sheet of media into uniform spaced pleats that are separated by flame retardant, injection molded plastic media separators. There shall be four separate rows of media separators on the air entering sides and five separate rows on the air exit side. A heavy-duty expanded metal reinforcement shall be laminated to the air exit side of the media by a thermo-setting adhesive to maintain continuity of the radial pleats. The expanded metal shall be galvanized to resist rust and corrosion. Metal vertical brackets shall be utilized to stabilize the media pack and prevent air bypass. An expanded metal reinforcement face guard is on the air entering and air leaving sides of the frame to insure filter integrity and increase rigidity. The pleated media ends are adhered to the top and bottom of the metal frame with an adhesive sealant to prevent air bypass. Gasket material, 3/4″ in width and 1/4″ in thickness, is optional. The filter shall be rated to withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. The filters shall be Classified under U. L. Std. 900 and withstand up to 8 in. w.g. in an “Air Filter Breaching Test.”