Glasfloss Expands

Horace R. Lange, Founder

Under its founders, Glasfloss expanded its plants into Dallas, Texas (1956), and Millersport, Ohio (1964). Ted Tottis died in 1964 and Horace Lange continued the expansion into Crooksville, Ohio (1973), Juneau, Wisconsin (1978), and Houston, Texas (1987). When the Ohio plant facilities increased to more than 100,000 square feet, New York operations ended.

To meet the increasing demand for higher efficiency filtration, in 1988 Glasfloss acquired Air Lab, Inc., a manufacturer of HEPA and other high-efficiency filter products. These fine products are now produced at the Ohio and Dallas plants.

Horace Lange died in 1993. The companies have been owned and run since by Horace Lange’s children and grandchildren. His daughter, Doris, served as corporate president for several years until her death in 1994, recruiting for the company the best professional managers in the industry.